The Programmes
The programmes offered at the complex include:

  1. RESIDENTIAL/BOARDING for students who stay on the campus 24 hours, round the year, but for the vacations. They live under close supervision of the Principal and teachers, and have all the School facilities available to them at all times even during off hours and holidays. Regular classes and activities are held on Sundays and holidays as well as on other days, hence, leave is not encouraged even on these days.
  2. WEEK END/MONTH END HOME BOARDING (WEHB) is an interesting innovation of the residential/ boarding system. It provides the students a regular boarding with weekends at home. The WEHB system is substantially superior since it offers so much more and saves the child travel time. WEHB gives the best of home and boarding School to the children.
  3. LONG HOURS DAY BOARDING ( LHDB) - This concept was pioneered by Colonel Satsangi in 1979, at YPS, Mohali, Chandigarh. LHDB provides the 'best of home and the best of School to a child'. This programme includes Homework/ Self-work completion (as much as possible) at the School itself, under a teacher's guidance. Various sporting events are organised and a wide variety of nutritious meals provided.
    The LHDB ensures optimum utilisation of School resources. It makes available complete School facilities such as the library, reference rooms, playgrounds to a student for longer hours.
  4. SHORT HOURS DAY BOARDING (SHDB) - Keeping in mind the special needs of pre-primary and primary students, a system of SHDB has been introduced for all round development through academics, games and creative co-curricular activities activity based learning.

"Normal methods will produce normal results. For exceptionally outstanding results you need to use exceptional methods."
- Lt. Col P.S. Satsangi, VSM.

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