Social Commitment

CSKM's relationship with Udayan dates back to 1999, when Ghar No. 3 was established at Mehrauli and their first six residents were welcomed by Col. Satsangi. He welcomed them with open arms and took them into his fold. The children from Udayan felt an immediate sense of belonging, given the fact that some of them had never seen the interior of a school!

The ambience at CSKM is absolutely unique, here the children are a part of one big, happy family where all members of the staff know all the children and treat them with a lot of love and compassion. Everyone goes out of their way to help whenever required.

The older students who have had their grounding in CSKM are today doing Udayan Care and CSKM proud by getting good placements.

Empowerment-Building strong foundations

"I re-affirm the value of my worth,
I am the bedrock of the Earth"

Mrs. Kiran Satsangi believed in instilling a sense of pride and developing a resolute mind in all students, especially the girls. Her legacy has been carried forward by Dr. SS Jaiman who herself is a role model for all girl students at CSKM. Dr. SS Jaiman has introduced orientation programmes, regular counseling, professional inputs for health and hygiene to give safe, secure and congenial surroundings to girls of all classes. Girls are nurtured and guided to leadership positions, equal participation in all activities, students council, games and sports, international exchange programmes, training for competitions and higher studies abroad.

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