English is the medium of instruction in all classes, for all subjects.

Admission Procedure
Minimum age for studying in classes from Nursery - XII is 3+ to 16+.

Subjects Offered
For XI and XII - all CBSE subjects viz., Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Psychology, Economics, Political Science, History, Sociology, Business Studies. Accountancy, English, Hindi, Biotechnology, Informatics Practices, Painting, Physical Education for Class XI and XII under the Science, Humanities and Commerce streams and all possible combinations are catered to.
Special preparation for IIT, NEET, CLAT, CA, NDA and other competitive exams is organised under School arrangements on extra charges.
Registration-cum-admission form for any future session should be filled in and deposited in the School with the prescribed fees. Preference is given to a child registered earlier. Prior registration is a pre-condition for admission. Reliable proof of age is required.

Reservation fee
Reservation fee for a seat in the Residential section for any future session is Rs. 5000/- (adjustable at the time of admission).

Fees have to be deposited as per schedule. The fee is linked with Consumer's Price Index and DA percentage as announced from time to time by the Government of India.
Quarterly fees should be cleared by the 9th of the first month of every quarter. Option for fee payment on monthly basis is available. Kindly note NO REMINDERS WILL BE SENT. Fees should be remitted vide Cash/Bank Drafts in name of "CSKMAEC" payable at New Delhi.

School Calendar
The School calendar reflects the students programme for the entire year. Parents are requested to follow the calendar for the maximum benefit of their children.

Request for leave must be avoided during the academic session. It causes disturbance to continuity, concentration and adjustment of the child. However, in exigent situations short leave may be requested for the child with detailed reasons and the child's leave may be considered jointly by the parents and the School in the best interest of the child. A parent/child must invariably ensure that he/she returns in time.

Regular day boarding buses collect and drop children from areas in South Delhi and Gurgaon. Bus charges are levied as per the expenses incurred.

Disciplinary Measures
We intend to focus on positive, rather than on negative behaviour. However, we do enforce appropriate disciplinary measures when necessary.
1. COUNSELLING - Informal communication between students and teachers help students to understand the nature of their mistakes and their consequences.
2. MEETING - The School will call a meeting to inform parents of inappropriate behaviour with suggestions for parental action and support. For individualised corrective guidance and motivation, the child is referred to the Personality Assessment and Development Centre.

Closely supervised and guided preps that cater to individual needs of each child with experienced teachers of every department holding tutorials in the tutorial rooms. Students are provided specially designed assignments, aide-memoir, tests during prep. Close and friendly academic interaction among students and among students and teachers, involving syndicate working, problem-solving and discussion form an integral and important part of the prep.
Meritorious students, and those who show significant improvement, are awarded scholarships. Students can also greatly benefit from the EARN WHILE YOU LEARN (EWL) scheme.

Food & Nutrition
Food is catered to according to principles of nutrition as per standard books and long experience of running boarding schools, including a Sainik School. The criterion for good balanced food is the health of children in the long run and not taste, or likes/dislikes. Another criterion for good food is low sickness rate, general fitness. The diet is aimed at producing right mental ability for academics, study and thinking process, to avoid hyperactivity and excitement and controlling severe addiction to a particular dish or type of food.

Uniform/Dress Code
Private dress is not allowed as it proves to be a distraction. The students tend to waste a lot of time over it. The children going on leave, must go home in uniform and return in the same. List of prescribed uniform is available separately from the Admission Office.

Health and Hygiene
The Medical Inspection Room is fully equipped to deal with emergencies and routine illnesses. All children are examined periodically. In addition, a panel of specialist doctors from well known hospitals of South Delhi are maintained for specialised treatment of children. Complete medical history of the child covering previous illness of serious nature, contagious diseases, condition of eyesight and dentures, details of prophylactic treatment already administered and allergy, if any, must be furnished at the time of admission. The School Mediclaim Insurance Scheme covers hospital admission charges on a 50-50 basis in the best hospitals in Delhi.
Regular weekly hygiene checks will be conducted by the Warden to ensure the following:
1. Short haircut for the boys. Girls with hair longer than chin length will have make plaits or pony tails with red/black bands.
2. Properly groomed nails, clean ears, etc.
  - Services of the cobbler, tailor, barber & washerman are provided to the students.
  - School Cafeteria on no-profit-no-loss basis is functional in the School.
  - Toiletries are provided to secondary students and below.
  - The School Departmental Store caters to the uniform, books, stationery, games equipment and general items.
  - The School Workshop takes care of minor repairs of the personal equipment of the students if need be.

Visitors are welcome on the first Sunday of each month in the afternoon. All visitors are requested not to bring eatables as we have a well stocked canteen and cafeteria with tasty nutritious snacks at reasonable rates.

In case the child is to be withdrawn, two clear months advance notice is a must, otherwise two months fees is payable in lieu, even for children who have been admitted but have not joined the School, or are to be taken back more or less immediately after joining.

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