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Research and Development

The Gifted Programme

The Institute for Gifted Children at CSKM was established on 11 December 1986. This Institute provides ENRICHMENT PROGRAMMES to gifted children on all days of the week and to children from other schools on Saturday/Sunday.

The Institute also holds an ANNUAL GIFTED CHILDREN DECATHLON that attracts participants from other schools in and out of Delhi.

The focus of the institute is holistic development of the multiple intelligences, talents, creativity and personality. Following strategies are used to spur children and young adults:

  To achieve excellence through self - motivation.
  To exercise maximum self - struggle for maximum development.

Activities organised to further the cause of Gift-Ed
  Visit of the USSR House of Soviet Science, Culture and Art Delegation to CSKM-IGC.
  'Decathlon' organized to provide a platform to gifted children.
  Workshops, seminars and symposiums on 'Evolving strategies for self growth of gifted children'.
  Inauguration of Gifted Children Clubs in schools.
  Experimental study on self learning teams, goal setting, group study, team teaching and self testing conducted.
  Subject Club Activities held to enhance the learning of different subjects.
  Children introduced to SQ4R.
  CSKM-IGC participated at the Fifth Asia Pacific International conference on Giftedness.
  CSKM - IGC Director and facilitators attended Howard Gardner India Tour

Col Satsangi's International System

The Individually Guided Education System enhances learning as the student is in a supportive environment where the student's concept is enriched with constructive feedback, understanding, application, assessment and analysis.
  Favourable Teacher - Student Ratio: With this ratio there is a high of 60 per cent accelerated growth in learning.
  Personal Learning Plan: A system in which a child has his or her own choice of course and plans for learning, including the black, white and grey areas of their understanding of the subjects.

Child Guidance Clinic
The Child Guidance Clinic (CGC) has an integrated, inter-disciplinary approach to practically every problem in a child’s growth and development. It utilizes within one centre facilities for screening, identifying, testing, analysis, diagnosis and treatment through a four-dimensional approach viz., Psychiatry, Psychology, Education and Living Environment.

The objectives of CGC are continuous monitoring and improvement of the emotional, behavioral, psychological and educational, development of every child, thereby ensuring a positive mental health state. It provides guidance and counseling, in collaboration with the IGC, to children with high potential but low achievement. It aims to treat children whose behavior does not conform to social norms and experience depression, anxiety or other personal distress. The CGC functions under the guidance of its Chairman Dr. Rohit Jaiman, MD.

Personality Assessment & Development Centre

The Personality Assessment and Development Centre (PADC), believes in Quality Management in Education. It develops each participant as a complete person, a person who is physically enduring, emotionally mature, intellectually enlightened, aesthetically developed, morally sound and spiritually inclined.

PADC's strategy is PRIDE - Performance Results for Individual Development through Education

  Role Play
  Group Problem Solving
  Interactive Lectures
  Social Enquiry
  Group Discussion
  Orientation & Awareness
  Case Study
  Career Guidance

Academic Diagnostic Intervention Centre

The Academic Diagnostic Intervention Centre provides guidance to children with special educational and psychological needs. Academic Diagnosis includes intensive psychological study of the individual and uses of tools such as testing, interviews, observation and background . The ACE programme (Assess, Challenge, Excel) utilizes profiling to enhance the realization of the child's innate abilities.

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