Quality of teachers is what CSKM Public School emphasizes the most


CSKM Public School has one of the best team of teachers from across India with more than 30+ years of experience

Shailendra Kr Thakur

Mr Shailendra Kr Thakur
Vice Principal

Rakesh Kumar Tyagi

Mr Rakesh Kumar Tyagi
Vice Principal
MSc (Chemistry),BEd

Deepika Abrol

Mrs Deepika Abrol
Head Mistress
MA (English), BEd, 1st Division in Guidance & Counselling

Naveen Chandra Jha

Mr Naveen Chandra Jha
PGT (Political Science)
MA (Pol Sc),MEd,LLB

Aditya Narayan Singh

Dr Aditya Narayan Singh
PGT (Biology)
MSc (Botany),BEd, PhD

Shilpi Sharma

Mrs Shilpi Sharma
PGT (Psychology)
MA (Psy),BEd

Yashvir Singh

Mr Yashvir Singh
PGT (Maths)
MSc (Maths), MEd

Sudershan Singh Miyan

Mr Sudershan Singh Miyan
PGT (Business Studies)
M.Com, BEd

Ashutosh Kumar

Mr Ashutosh Kumar
PGT (Chemistry)
MSc (Chemistry),BEd

Madhumita N Pathak

Mrs Madhumita N Pathak
PGT (English)
MA (English),BEd

Sachchidanand Kumar

Mr Sachchidanand Kumar
PGT (Social Science)
MA (History), BEd

Jagdish Prasad Upadhyay

Mr Jagdish Prasad Upadhyay
PGT (Biology)
MSc (Zoology), MEd

Adesh Kumar

Mr Adesh Kumar
TGT (Maths)
BSc (Maths), BEd

Lavanya Srivastava

Mrs Lavanya Srivastava
TGT (Hindi)
MA (Hindi),BEd

Raj Bala Sharma

Mrs Raj Bala Sharma
TGT (English)
MA (English), BEd

Prem Lata Kohli

Mrs Prem Lata Kohli
TGT (Hindi)
MA (Hindi), BEd, M Phil

Nirad Kumar

Mr Nirad Kumar
TGT (Maths)
MSc (Maths), BEd

Nand Jee Prasad Singh

Mr Nand Jee Prasad Singh
PGT (Maths)
MA (Maths),MEd

Rabindra Kr Ojha

Mr Rabindra Kr Ojha
PGT (Painting)
BA Dip in Art & Craft

Ramesh Prasad

Mr Ramesh Prasad
PGT (Phy Ed)
DPEd, NIS (Athletics), MPEd

Brahm Prakash

Mr Brahm Prakash
TGT (Music Teacher)

Suteen Bala

Mrs Suteen Bala
TGT (Science)
BSc, BEd

Musharrat Ali

Mr Musharrat Ali

Sandip Kumar Pathak

Mr Sandip Kumar Pathak
TGT (Social Science)
MA (Geo), BEd


Mrs Nisha
TGT (Social Science)
B.Com, BEd

Anita Prasad

Mrs Anita Prasad
Asst Teacher
MA (Eco), BEd

Ruchi Sinha

Miss Ruchi Sinha
Asst Teacher
BA (Hons), BEd

Renu Kaul

Mrs Renu Kaul
Asst Teacher
B.A. (Hons), B Library Science

Charu Sinha

Miss Charu Sinha
Asst Teacher
MA (Hindi), BEd

Jatinder Taneja

Mrs Jatinder Taneja
Asst Teacher
BSc, BEd

Elizabeth Martin

Mrs Elizabeth Martin
Asst Teacher
BSc, BEd

Malti Ojha

Mrs Malti Ojha
Asst Teacher
Diploma in Art & Craft

Sushma Yadav

Mrs Sushma Yadav
Asst Teacher
MA (Pol Sc), BEd

Vandana Singh

Mrs Vandana Singh
Asst Teacher
M Sc(Mathematics), BEd,M Phil(Maths), MA(Edu)

Shobhna Rustagi

Mrs Shobhna Rustagi
Asst Teacher

Nanda Issar

Mrs Nanda Issar
Asst Teacher