Academic Process

Attention is paid to the processes of self-learning, self-work, self-motivation...

At CSKM life skills and intellectual skills are enhanced in a balanced manner. The 'problems of life', similar to the syllabus problems, are provided as per the child's age. The children are guided to solve these problems as per the principles of 'Transfer of Learning'. This helps inculcate a problem-solving attitude in them towards the academic syllabus as well.

The School academic process is a successful attempt at harmonising games and studies. CSKM believes that if play/entertainment is combined with an attitude involving thinking, planning, reasoning and seriousness of purpose, there is a direct increase in the examination marks.

Every child is developed through:

Developmental programmes
Interaction with peer group
The belief that a problem-solver in life is a problem solver in academics as well
Endurance and stamina, not merely mechanical, but with positive emotional enthusiasm
Harmonious combination of games and studies
The idea that a few, only a few, weak children actually help the brighter ones.

The Advantages of a Comprehensive Educational System

CSKM School is a residential school providing an ideal learning environment like the Gurukul System in ancient India.
CSKM handles all students equally, not only bettering the meritorious but also improving weaker students. The brighter students help, motivate and improve the weaker ones. This helps the brighter students improve themselves too.
CSKM extends round-the-clock academic assistance and guidance by teachers.
CSKM aims to produce a good adult and not merely a good child