• 40-50 hours per month extra for our students
• Timings 8.30am to 4.30pm (with Fruit, Lunch, Refreshment)
• No homework (Practice worksheets on demand & from VI to VIII)
• Nur to III (Books & Note Books in school: No need to carry school bag)
• Nur to XII : Long Hours Boarding System (for all students & teachers)
• Option of Extended LHDB till 8.30pm/9.00pm including
• Sports & Games
• Supervised Studies
• Balance Academics, Sports, Swimming, Curricular Activities and Nutritious meals


• In LHDB, tuitions are not required (Time & Money savings). No extra expenditure apart from school fee.
• Extensive sports activities in the school campus with All India experts/ coaches/ trainers (Time & Money savers)
• No need to spend extra money in sports complexes/ coaching
• Children choose their favourite sport activity (Tennis/ Cricket/ Skating/ Taekwondo) & Swimming for all.
• IN LHDB, students are with dedicated, experienced faculty & staff
• Away from Internet/ mobiles/ social media (distractions that bring down performance & health)
• Healthy food: Modern kids tend to have cold drinks and junk food, watch TV and eat food (unhealthy habits)
     No Tiffin system in LHDB
     Proper lunch in dining hall (Students learn table manners and bond well)
• In CSKM, all children grow not just in size or knowledge, but in confidence, courage, curiosity, independence, resilience, resourcefulness and understanding.