CSKM is a School with a SOCIAL CONSCIENCE.
Tolerance, secularism, imbibing the 'WE' feeling is the essence of learning.

We are the World... and the World is one.

Eternal values of love, faith, compassion, tolerance, secularism, caring and sharing are the cornerstones of CSKM philosophy. We believe in education for humanity, an education that is humanizing and education that is available for all.


Right Thought
Right Attitude
Right Speech
Right Conduct
Right Mindfulness
Right Effort
Right View
And You Decide What Is Right
Be Prepared To Take Responsibility
For Yourself

In keeping with the School Philosophy, the three colours of the School Flag stand for qualities which we would like our students to imbibe:

Steel Grey colour signifies DETERMINATION and ENDURANCE

Blood red colour represents SACRIFICE in DEVOTION to DUTY.

Nave Blue Colour Symbolises the path of CHARACTER and THOUGHT.

The School Crest and Motto BUSY BEE PLEASURE symbolises the ever busy bee which derives pleasure from its work, picking the best nectar from flowers and producing the best honey.