Top Five Reasons Why Experiential Learning Should be Encouraged

Top Five Reasons Why Experiential Learning Should be Encouraged

  • CSKM Public School
  • 2021-09-22 06:02:59

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.    -  Aristotle

We have been two years into the pandemic now. The modern era and the “new normal” have made us realize the changes we need in our management, particularly in the field of education. The emerging world of today values much more than just academic knowledge. Globalization trends demand skill sets that fuel productivity and enhance the flow of work. Therefore, it's high time that students should be encouraged to focus more on skill development rather than just academics.


Experiential learning, as the name implies, is the development of skills through actual experience and reflection on observations. It allows students to take on the role of learner and develop their own understanding. It helps students develop critical thinking skills and problem-solving concepts while also helping them discover their passions.


It has been observed that the global world requires constant innovative skill sets from time to time. As a result, there will come a time in the future when traditionally valued skills will lose value. Because of technological advancements, students are required to gain irreplaceable skill sets rather than learning about employment and livelihood, as these lifelong professions will not exist as they have in previous generations. Below are the top reasons why experiential learning should be encouraged:

  1. Personalized learning: Experiential learning­­ enables students to learn things at their own pace. While experimenting with things and working on solutions, they develop a problem-solving attitude and a way of thinking creatively which is unique in every individual. Unlike, traditional learning where students are considered to have the same understanding level, experiential learning provides a personalized learning space that is inhibited with positive criticism.
  2. Innovation of Critical thinking: Critical thinking is the mode of thinking and analyzing situations before jumping to conclusions. It allows a person to express their thoughts while skilfully observing a scenario based on facts and evidence. Experiential learning helps students develop critical thinking skills and develop future mindsets.
  3. Coordination and Communication skills: When students learn by doing, they must also be able to communicate effectively with others. One of the main reasons why experiential learning should be encouraged is that it allows people to work together and communicate effectively. It prepares them for the future by teaching them how to collaborate with others while keeping the main goal in mind. As a result, the students develop a sense of cooperation. 
  4. Immediate application of knowledge: By learning logically and experimentally, students no longer need to mug up the theory as in normal classroom teaching. The scenario here is interesting as experiential learning enables the immediate application of knowledge, which is quite important for the civilized world. There are several schools where experiential learning is included in the curriculum. One such example is CSKM School, which focuses on the approach of experiential learning where every student has the capability to achieve success.

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Facing failures: The importance of experiential learning is best demonstrated by the fact that it teaches students not to be afraid of failures and instead encourages them to learn from them. It offers a practical approach that aids in the development of one's overall personality

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