10 tips to motivate your child to do better in academics

10 tips to motivate your child to do better in academics

  • CSKM Public School
  • 2020-07-24 01:45

It’s not easy to become a parent but not easy to take care of them. Parents go through many sacrifices, worries, financial crisis while raising their kids. From their eating habits to what they do in their vacant time, everything should be taken care of by the parents. Parents contribute as much as the teacher in children’s academic growth.

Read the following tips that help you to motivate your kids to get better grades in their academics:

Keep an open and respectful relationship with your kids

The biggest tool of parenting is to keep an open and respectful relationship between you and your children. Reacting to your kids in frustration is harmful and ineffective for sure. So never shout or behave abnormally if you kid does something wrong.

Offer something interesting when they are done studying

Tell them that you will give chocolates or something interesting when they are done with their school homework.

Get in touch with their teachers

Always attend parents and teachers meeting to know their academic scores. It helps you to make possible or required changes in the study schedule of your children.

Help her/him in study

Sit with your kids to help them out of their academic problems. Reading and understanding academic problems together brings a better approach to the solution.

Help her/him to organise their work in a calendar

Help them to organise their work in an order that they can complete it bit by bit. Dividing everything into small tasks becomes an easy approach to achieve big things in life. So teach them to mark everything on a calendar and get them by putting little efforts.

Teach them to balance their lives

Tell them to enjoy life in all the possible ways. Indulging in sports or other activities is as much important as getting good grades in academics. Teach them to enjoy their life, which does not exist in books only.

Make them eat healthy food

Offer them healthy food because a healthy body and mind only can think and understand things better.

Ask them to participate in extracurricular activities

Singing, dancing, acting, and playing musical instruments are also part of our lives. Tell them to participate in all those activities in the school, which not related to academics.

Encourage them to do better

Sometimes kids study hard but do not get good results. Tell them that failure is also the part of their success. Motivate them to add more techniques and hard work to achieve what they are looking for.

Most importantly, spend time with them

Don’t leave them alone for a longer time. You need to spend hours with them every day. Spending time with them is the best way to make them close to you. The more you close to your little hearts, the sooner they start sharing things with you.

Also, you should choose a good school that could take care of your kid during the day boarding. CSKM Public School offers both day boarding and complete boarding facilities for the students.

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