A-Z Guide of the Best Boarding School

A-Z Guide of the Best Boarding School

  • CSKM Public School
  • 2020-02-05 05:05

From teaching standards to the food quality, everything should be preferred top-notch when it comes to the selection of the best boarding school for your kid. There are so many boarding schools in Delhi NCR that promise to deliver good education as well as great infrastructure and facilities.

Different factors should be considered before choosing a boarding school for your childs education.  Here are some important things you should be taken in consideration while finalizing a school for your kid:

Academic Values of the School

As most of the parents consider boarding schools for their children after their age of 11, they look for a particular curriculum at this point. So you need to check the best curriculum available for your kid. Therefore, this is the most important thing you should take into consideration while choosing a boarding school for your kid.

For example, your kid wants to study Mathematics along with commerce, but it is not available in the curriculum offered by the school. You must confirm the availability of the subject you are looking for, before enrolling your child to the school.

Distance between Home & School

Sending your kid away is a very difficult situation, especially sending her/him to a boarding school. It's usually very challenging for both the parent and the child to be away from each other during the crucial years. It is recommended to admit your child to a school that is close to your home or even if you choose a school in any other city, a guardian or an acquaintance in the same is recommended. 

Fee Structure

One of the most important things to consider is the fee structure should be analysed and compared properly. You must prefer a school that is great at providing facilities, and at the same time is a value for money.

Sending your kid to an expensive school blindly without doing detailed research on it is not a wise step to be taken.

Discipline & Care

The best boarding school always maintain discipline and culture for their students. It becomes every boarding schools responsibility to look after all the sides of a student studying in their school.

The parents can better understand the environment of a school by reading their policies.

Those policies include the time assigned for extra-curricular activities, lights-off at a fixed time, daily exercising, and respecting other students and teachers in the school.

Availability of Teachers

How many teachers are assigned for each class?, how experienced are they?, and how they deal with the students are the most important questions the parents should ask from the principal at the time of admission.

Not only academic but also try to know the ways used by teachers while handling different emotions of students. Listening to the teachers about their dealing capabilities help you a lot to finalize your decision.

Extracurricular Activities

What if a student doesnt take much interest while studying, but has different talents like playing football, singing, acting or other forms of art?

A boarding school with lots of extra-curricular activities should be considered first because your kid can find his way to any of the fields that can be praised later by this wonderful world.

One of the best Pre-Primary and Senior Secondary boarding schools in Delhi, CSKM hosts a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities for the bright future of your kid.

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