CSKM Boarding School - Best Boarding School in Northern India

CSKM Boarding School - Best Boarding School in Northern India

  • CSKM Public School
  • 2021-08-17 01:56:13

If you are looking for the best boarding school in Northern India, you came to the right place!

CSKM (Colonel Satsangi's Kiran Memorial Public School) is a one-of-a-kind specialty school with 35+ years of history, that takes delight in assisting exceptional accomplishments. In keeping with its equal opportunity principle, the school believes in uncovering each child's potential. Each child's individuality is cherished and nurtured so that they can express it most naturally and organically possible.

The school does not believe in hackneyed systems such as failing children due to poor academic achievement; rather, it promotes a child's holistic growth to help them progress in school and life by maximizing their potential.

Its achievements outperform those of other schools while also exceeding those of the ordinary school board.  The school's orientation is warm and empathetic, with a strong emphasis on values and character. Its inspiring environment encourages students to achieve their full potential. The school's goal is not merely to raise nice kids, but to instill in them virtues that will last a lifetime, preparing them for successful adult life. The school is divided into smaller groups to ensure that each child receives personalized attention. The setting is psychologically designed to help pupils develop their personalities. The success stories of its alumni from all walks of life bear witness to this.

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The boarding and day boarding systems are designed to provide students with the most possible access to a stimulating and purposeful big pollution-free, well-equipped campus that fosters self-growth in every aspect. The school is based on the principle of a great teacher and educator who believed that "a child should be taught at his pleasure, not at his peril." This adds a sense of assurance to girls and makes it a better boarding school for girls in India.

At CSKM, both life and cognitive skills are developed in a balanced manner. The 'issues of life,' which are like the syllabus problems, are presented according to the age of the kid. The ideas of 'Transfer of Learning' are used to aid the youngsters in solving these challenges. This encourages them to approach the academic syllabus with a problem-solving mindset.

The academic process at school is a successful attempt to bring games and studies together. According to CSKM, when play/entertainment is mixed with a mindset that includes thinking, planning, reasoning, and seriousness of purpose, examination marks rise.

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Developmental programs, parental involvement, and a variety of other factors all contribute to the development of each kid. Interaction with a group of peers, The idea that a problem-solver in life is also a problem-solver in school Endurance and stamina, not just mechanically, but also emotionally, is essential. A well-balanced mix of games and study The notion that a few, albeit insignificant, weak children assist the brighter ones. These unique qualities make CSKM Boarding School the best boarding school in Delhi.

CSKM is another world for students to mold themselves into their aspired dreams!

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