What do you need to avoid to become a responsible parent?

What do you need to avoid to become a responsible parent?

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  • 2019-11-05 01:42

Children’s mind is like an empty hard disk, which needs to be filled with love, affection, care, responsibility, consciousness, and creative ideas. Whatever you write on it in its initial years, lasts forever.

Being good and responsible for your children is not an easy job to do. You have to be careful, calm, and kind-hearted to your kids. And you need to be responsible in the same way you want to be for society. The way you talk, you behave, and you answer the questions - everything matters while doing the job of being a good parent.

Here are the things you do not need to do as a good parent:

Do not compare your kids with others

Comparing your kids with others can demoralise them. It can break down their confidence and easily make them against you for all the decisions you make for their life. It is advised to give some space to your children to become good in what they feel interested.

Do not stop your kid to make their opinion on something

Instead of making them quite, let them speak freely or criticize things. It helps in developing their brain, becoming a speaker, and a problem solver in their jobs and social beings.

Don’t burden your kids with your decisions

You must avoid burdening your kids by taking forceful decisions related to their life. Those decisions include; not to play outside with other kids, learning things of your choice, wearing clothes of your choice, not allowing them to speak on social or family things.

Do not fight with your spouse in front of your kids

Fighting with your spouse in front of your kids can make them frustrated and weak inside. You must keep your personal matters apart for the sake of your children.

Do not give speeches all the time

Children understand more by actions instead of moral speeches. They quickly adapt to what you do in front of them. For example, if you are thanking someone in return for help, your children’s mind gets the tendency of doing the same in similar situations.

Stop showing fake attention

Don’t make them feel alone when you are with them. It’s your responsibility to give them undivided attention and you need to engage yourself fully in whatever activity you are doing with them. It creates a soulful bond between you and your kid.

Never use abusive language or harsh words in front of them

You must watch your words while expressing yourself to others in front of your children. Using harsh or inappropriate words can tempt your kids to do the same with others.

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