Which is better: Boarding School or Day School?

Which is better: Boarding School or Day School?

  • CSKM Public School
  • 2019-12-23 12:42:49

Each school, whether it a boarding school or a day school comes with its own set of pros and cons. However, a boarding school offers several advantages in comparison to a day school.

Holistic Approach to Education
As opposed to the standard education offered at day schools, boarding schools are known to provide an absolutely unique form of educational experience to the students, characterized by academic innovation and an environment of learning that exists outside the classroom. This is one of the reasons why CBSE boarding schools often lead in terms of creating or integrating innovative education techniques and improvements. One of the top boarding schools in Delhi, CSKM School provides an academic development like no other. It provides a highly-engaging platform where students have opportunities to learn and collaborate with one another. This involvement offered by boarding schools is holistic in nature and extends beyond the classroom walls.

Co-curricular Activities
Though day schools also encourage sports and other curricular activities, it’s the boarding schools that allow a total integration of curriculum and programs due to the extra time, students spend there. The best boarding schools have a community of students who are required to join various clubs and participate in international/global programs.

Highly Supportive Teachers
Day schools tend to have more students in each class than boarding schools. This limits the teacher’s interaction with the students and students’ involvement/participation in the classroom. Besides this, teachers are highly supportive of younger students at a boarding school.

Factor of Self-discipline
Boarding schools follow the culture of collaboration and responsibility that motivates students to work in teams and become self-reliant and disciplined. On the other hand, students studying at day schools get pampered by their parents and are not put to the same environment of discipline as their counterparts.

All-round Personal Development
The top boarding schools in Delhi provide ample opportunities for personal growth and social development to the students which a day school does not provide. Here, the students are exposed to a transformative learning experience.

Away from Families
Moving away from home is not an easy job! One of the biggest challenges faced by boarding school students is that they don’t get to see their parents, siblings or other family members daily. But this black cloud comes with a silver lining. It prepares the students to grow into independent and strong individuals.  

The final decision lies in the hands of the parents who in consultation with their children can choose the school that suits their situation and needs in the best manner. If the children are adaptive and comfortable in staying away from their parents then they should certainly go for a boarding school.

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