5 important study tips for students

5 important study tips for students

  • CSKM Public School
  • 2020-08-28 06:43:12

Studying in the last moments just before your exam is not considered the best way to approach an exam. You need to set your time table to grasp most out of your study material and notes. Writing the list of the exams and planning them accordingly surely help you to prepare for your examination in a better and optimal way.

Not all, but some of us need extra quiet surroundings and silence to focus and have full concentration on the topic of study. CSKM residential school provides the serene and pristine learning environment as a modern Gurukul should.

Students must follow these 5-important tips to prepare for their upcoming exams:

Group Study

Ask 4-5 friends to join you for group study and go through multiple question-answer sessions, which will help you to gauge the status of your preparation. As you become committed to studying in a group, this is considered one of the most effective ways to study and learn cooperatively in minimum time. However, self study is a prerequisite to group study.

Make Diagrams & flowcharts

A school student could utilise diagrams and flowcharts to better understand and recall as well as simplify their course of study. When you start studying a topic, try writing down everything you know about a specific topic and mark the things you haven't prepared well as yet. It will help you to focus on particularly those tasks, on which you still need to concentrate..

Revise old exams

Revising previous years exam papers is one of the best ways to prepare for your exams. This helps you to understand the format and pattern of the questions, and ensures that you have spent the right amount of time on every topic you are expecting in your upcoming exam.

Explain your answers to others

Ask your brother or sister to ask you questions and listen to your answers based on your exam. It helps you to have a clear understanding about different topics related to your exams. You must also note down the concepts or subject matter you are not confident about so that you can prepare it at an appropriate time well before exams.

Take regular breaks

Whenever you feel exhausted or rather after 40-45 minutes of continuous study or a little longer, take a short break to refresh yourself. Like you take breaks while hitting a gym or doing some physical activity, you must take 10-15 minute breaks while studying to be able to sustain for a longer period.

Facilities like WiFi, Hi-tech laboratories, and well-equipped libraries in a hostel  or a boarding school also play a very important role while preparing for exams. Besides in a residential school like CSKM, the faculty are available in the boarding to guide and clear doubts even during the evening and night preparatory studies.

CSKM  is one of the best boarding schools in Delhi & Gurgaon for both boys and girls. The boarding school offers the full spectrum of facilities like hostel, sports, and extracurricular activities. One of the low cost boarding schools in the cities of Delhi and Gurgaon, India, CSKM’s curriculum is the perfect blend of Discipline and Well Managed Academics. CSKM is proud of its students as well as teachers and support staff for top Board results year after year.

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