5 Things to Teach Your Child Before the Age of Ten

5 Things to Teach Your Child Before the Age of Ten

  • CSKM Public School
  • 2020-12-10 01:40:25

Children start learning much faster around the age of 3 as their language skills and imagination develop rapidly. Their mind acts like an empty slate, which absorbs all that is in their environment. It is crucial that discipline, good habits and values are consistently demonstrated and inculcated. 

Teach them: 


The first thing to teach your child is to be generous and kind to everyone. As 3-10 year olds learn rapidly, the love and affection you show to your children will also be reciprocated by them. A kiss on their head with simple words – I love you, will surely work wonders underscoring that they are precious. 


Children of ages 5 to 10 are more prone to imitating you. Therefore, you need to set an example, to be honest and consistent with your family and friends. Appreciate all good values as honesty and clearly convey why the opposite is not acceptable. Always follow up with what should be done. 


Tell them if they did something wrong, it is alright to accept one’s fault. Teach them to learn the difference between right and wrong, and most importantly the value of justice. Not only sorry but teach them to compensate for their mistake by doing something good to the person with whom they had a fight or argument. Encourage your child to play with other children. This helps her/him to learn the value of sharing and friendship. What better way to learn than in a boarding school. 


100% dedication is the key to success for anything we do in our life. Teach them to be devoted towards anything they are doing, be it studies or sports. Help them discover their passion in the early stages of life. Observe and provide opportunities wherein they excel and display deep interest. 

Respecting others’ feelings 

This is the most important aspect, not to be missed out of their values. Let your children realise how much you love them, and all these feelings of love and care need to be respected by your children. Teach them to respect everyone’s feelings - be it humans, plants or animals and everything around them. Demonstrate by example. 

All these values lay the foundation of character and help transform your child into a good human being by the age of 15-20. 

CSKM boarding and day boarding school in Delhi, India, affiliated to CBSE and registered for Nursery to 12th standard endeavours to inculcate in students all these significant values through their teaching methodology and modules. Discipline, respect, dedication, and always following the path of justice are the core values of CSKM boarding school, which are an integral part of the students’ daily routine.

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