How bad are smartphones or cellphones for your kids’ health and mental growth?

How bad are smartphones or cellphones for your kids’ health and mental growth?

  • CSKM Public School
  • 2020-04-13 11:20

Mobiles and smartphones have become prior entertainment for all of us. They are packed with multiple features like photography, music, internet access, instant messaging, video games, and file transfers. In short, the whole world comes on your tips when you have a smartphone with internet access in your hands.

This is why children have started spending much time on these devices. Using mobile phones for hours pushes them away from physical activities like outdoor sports and interaction with people.

Accessing smartphones for a long time can be dangerous and harmful to your kids. Here are the reasons, why:

Impact of Radiations

Using mobile phones bring a lot of harmful effects, where harmful radiations are one of them. Many studies explain that children are more prone to catching diseases from phones as they undergo many physical and mental changes during their puberty.

Changes in Behaviour

When you interrupt them while playing video games or messaging, the children get disturbed and start behaving like they are frustrated. Doing this over and over makes their mind disturbed and out of control sometimes.

Impact on Academic Performance

As students start giving long hours to mobile phones, they become less interested in other activities as well as their academic study. Lack of concentration makes them less attentive while attending classes or lectures.

Sleeping Disorder

Sleeping disorders may hit their health hardly. This problem occurs when kids engage themselves much in mobile games and messaging. Sleeping late and waking up late is one of the major sleeping problems.

Lack of Discipline

Excessive use of mobile phones brings a lack of discipline in life. It makes space in student’s disciplined life, leaving all the priorities behind except using a smartphone. Most of the students don’t understand how badly it impacts on their lives.

How forceful restrictions can help your kid get rid of these mind hunter smartphones?

Limiting and scheduling access to these smartphones can help you to bring your kid back to normal life. Being a little restrictive and spending time with them are the only options of taking them away from mobile phones.

CSKM completely prohibits the usage of smartphones for students inside the school building. The boarding school is now open for admissions in 2020. You must visit the school in order to check its records, infrastructure, and other facilities before finalising admission for your kid.

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