Why boarding schools in Delhi-NCR are special?

Why boarding schools in Delhi-NCR are special?

  • CSKM Public School
  • 2019-12-24 07:41

Boarding Schools have no doubt, replaced the old and conventional concepts of education. They have added a completely new dimension to the field of today’s learning. The concept of boarding schools in India, specifically Delhi-NCR has been gaining prominence. Not to forget, the several factors that contribute towards making CBSE boarding schools in Delhi-NCR extraordinary and special.

There is no denying the fact that the top boarding schools of Delhi-NCR have state-of-the-art infrastructure. Be it the smart classes or well-equipped LCD labs or the digital research centres, the best boarding schools are known to offer academic as well as non-academic facilities.

Holistic Education
The main aim of education provided at CBSE boarding schools like CSKM is to offer education with an all-round approach, meaning not just providing quality school education to the students but also preparing them for life. Through their plethora of activities, boarding schools groom the students and nurture the spirit of leadership among them thereby turning them into global leaders of tomorrow.  They provide the best of learning techniques and methods to the students so as to bring out the genius in each one of them.

Highly Competent Faculty
One of the noteworthy features of boarding schools in Delhi-NCR is the efficiency and dedication of their teaching staff. The faculty here is highly qualified, talented and passionate about teaching. They are always available for the students.

Safe and Disciplined Environment
It’s the level of discipline and security at boarding schools that sets them apart from the private schools. These schools follow a specific regimen characterized by complete order that makes the students grow into responsible, confident and independent individuals. Moreover, 24-hour vigilance at the campus and hostels ensures the safety of each & every student. 

Sports & Co-curricular Activities
CBSE boarding schools provide excellent sports facilities wherein physical education training is given the utmost importance. Talented coaches prepare the students in all the sports to emerge as winners in every game. Non-scholastic activities or extra-curricular activities like soft skill training, cultural & outreach programmes also feature on the top list of the pursuits followed by boarding schools.

Cultural & Moral Values
The top boarding schools are not merely the places to gain academic knowledge rather they are centres of social & cultural learning, something that day schools fall short of. This makes the students at boarding schools more accommodative of people belonging to other religions and cultures.

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